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Google Nexus Tablet said to be sure deal, $149 (No Tegra 3?)

Google Nexus Tablet

As we draw to the close of another week here at, the latest Internet development suggests that Google’s much-talked about Nexus Tablet is a done deal. Fellow Android news site, Android and Me spoke with a US-based supply chain, who shared that the tablet should fall in the $149-$199 price range, but would unfortunately not be packing an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, due to the less-expensive price. No additional specs were revealed, but it is still believed that the tablet will come toting a 7-inch display. Word also has it that Asus secured the bid to manufacture the tablet.

Another thing yet to be decided is the device’s selling name. While, the supplier did suggest that it may be called simply the “Nexus Tablet”, there’s also talk that it could end up going by “Nexus Play”; a fitting name, if you take into account Google’s recent transition from the Android Market to Google Play. Of course, this is all still speculation, as the search engine giant hasn’t officially announced anything as of yet. With CITA  coming in May and Google I/O following in June, it seems like there are a few possibilities for that announcement to be made, right around the corner. Wouldn’t you agree?

Stay tuned, my Android brothers and sisters. We’ll be sure to let you know the very moment anything solid leaks out. Until then, stay tuned!

Via: Android and Me

2 thoughts on “Google Nexus Tablet said to be sure deal, $149 (No Tegra 3?)

  1. Most probably a dual core processor will be used, I guess,to keep the price low..hope they select a good one..! No hesitation from my side,will buy it as soon as it’s released in india.. 🙂

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