Flurry Analytics show Amazon App Store generates more revenue than Google Play

As per new data released today by mobile analytics firm Flurry, it looks as though Google Play, Android’s centralized location for serving up applications, games and other digital media, is a less lucrative venue for app developers in comparison to the Amazon App Store. At first thought, I was kind of surprised to hear this, but after weighing out the pros and cons, I can definitely understand where Amazon has provided a slight edge over the Play Store.

If you think about it, Amazon has done a pretty darn good job with its service thus far. The company offers users one free application or game each day, giving them a reason to come back frequently. Granted, those free apps aren’t always top-of-the-charts stuff, but hey — who can complain about one of the few things in life that actually is free? Amazon also has its extremely convenient “One-Click Purchase” method, which makes it super easy for anyone with an Amazon account and a credit card on file to purchase an app.

To determine its figures, Flurry inspected a set of top-ranked apps that can be found on any of the three major app stores: Apple’s iTunes, Amazon’s App Store, and Google’s Play Store. No specifics were given as to which apps were included in the study, but the total active daily user count of the apps is said to average 11 million.

Flurry set the revenue generated in the iTunes App Store to 100%, then compared the relative revenue generated by Amazon and Google to that of the App Store. In doing so, the firm found that Amazon revenue is 89% of App Store revenue and Google revenue is 23% of App Store revenue. Or, in other words, for every dollar an iOS app makes, it generates 89 cents in the Amazon Appstore and 23 cents in Google Play.

As you can see, there is clearly more money for developers in selling their work on Amazon that there is on Google Play. The fact that Google is okay with this is just puzzling to me. Doesn’t it seem like it would make more sense for the search engine giant to promote developers to sell via the Play Store? Shouldn’t they be embracing the developers that help to make the Android ecosystem as amazing as it is? Perhaps someone at Google will see how badly these statistics make them look, in terms of taking care of developers, and changes will be made accordingly.

Are you an Android developer? If so, which venue(s) do you use to sell your applications? If the answer to that question doesn’t include Amazon, it sounds like you’re cheating yourself out of a pretty penny.

Via: TechCrunch

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