Beautiful Widgets updated to version 4.0 on Google Play


Beautiful Widgets has just received an update to version 4.0. A few new features have been added in this new update, including multiple weather forecast, a new web-based skin market with cloud-to-device technology and a web skin mixer. The usual bugfixes and performance enhancements have also been included, as well as a new feature for hiding the background for numbers.

If you’ve never tried Beautiful Widgets, it’s a really nice homescreen widget suite for Android devices. It has many different sizes and settings, and combines many of your most used productivity apps (calendar, weather and alarm clock) into one centralized widget. If you do some digging in the app settings, you can even customize which app you would like the app to open when it is pressed.

With 100’s of free skins for both the weather and clock portions of the widget and the fact that they play very nicely with both smartphones and tablets, this is one “app” we definitely recommend you check out. To date, Beautiful Widgets has seen over 1 million downloads and maintains a 4+ star rating; if that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is. If you hurry, you can even pick it up for 50% off the normal selling price, as Beautiful Widgets is on sale for a limited time ($1.29 in the United States).

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