AndroZip File Manager, Dropbox & Lookout Security get updates

Rather than busting these updates in to separate posts, I figured it’d be best to do one “App Update Overload” spot to let you know about a few nice apps that have updates waiting. Each app is great in its own way, but the updates just aren’t huge enough to devote an entire to each of them. That being said, you’ll still want to make sure you update ASAP, as they are directed at improving each app and making your experience better.

First up, AndroZip File Manager:

AndroZip File Manager
What’s in this version:
Root access in paid version
Icon/grid view
Details view
Multiple selection with image thumbnails

Download AndroZip File Manager

Next up, DropBox:

What’s in this version:
In 2.1.1:
• Performance improvements and bug fixes

Download Dropbox

And last but not least, Lookout Security & Anti Virus:

Lookout Mobile Security

What’s in this version:

  1. Bug fixes

Download Lookout Security & Anti Virus

As you can see, nothing too groundbreaking was updated in any of these apps, but bug fixes and slight enhancements are just as important as major updates. What do you think of these types of posts? Are they something you would like to continue seeing here on Drop me a line in the comment thread to voice your opinion.


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