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Google may launch Android 5.0 Jelly Bean in Q2 – Digitimes

Google may release the next version of Android, Jelly Bean aka 5.0 as early as Q2 this year. This piece of information is coming from Taiwanese publication Digitimes, which is citing supply chain makers. According to the publication, Android 4.0 has fallen short of Google’s expectations and company wants to launch another tablet focused version of Android before Windows 8 arrival in Q3.

This all sounds a little far-fetched considering that we are yet to see the first Android 4.0 pre-loaded devices apart from Galaxy Nexus. Although a few tablets and Nexus S have got the ICS update, there is no way Google can measure Android 4.0 adoption in such a short time-duration.

Digitimes claims that Google is planning to include Chrome OS elements in Jelly Bean and will push for it as the second OS on Windows 8 tablets. Company also wants to focus on Netbook and Notebook markets with Android 5.0. As there are no other details right now, we will have to wait and watch.

Considering Digitimes’ track record with such rumors in the recent times, I would suggest you to take this with a pinch of salt.

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