Canonical announces Ubuntu for Android

In the most comprehensive attempt to merge desktops and smartphones, Canonical has announced Ubuntu for Android later yesterday, which will be show-cased at the upcoming Mobile World Congress.

Ubuntu for Android is full Ubuntu OS running on your phone side-by-side with Android with a shared kernel. With Ubuntu for Android, your phone works like any other Android smartphone normally but as soon as you connect it to a dock with a monitor, it also launches the familiar Ubuntu desktop experience on the attached screen.

Unlike the ideas behind Motorola Webtop or Asus Transformer, it is a totally new approach to limit the devices to one and still provide goodness of all devices. Ubuntu for Android will give you OS/interface based on context.

This is not all; you will also get the Ubuntu TV experience when you connect a smartphone powered by Ubuntu for Android to a TV via HDMI. During all the interface changes, you will still be able to use same address book/media or any other content stored on your phone seamlessly across Ubuntu, and Android. Even while docked, you will also be able to answer calls or open Android apps on your phone, while the connected display has Ubuntu running from your phone. Interesting right!

Ubuntu for Android will work on multi-core Android smartphones and considering the onslaught of upcoming quad core phones, we are going to get plenty of them. There is no release date right now, Canonical is working with hardware partners and telecom operators on the project and will soon announce more details.

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