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Android Market adds more app stats for publishers

If you were wishing for more stats related to your Android Market app, then you wish has come true and Google has revamped the app stats in Market Dev Console. Company has pushed a major update yesterday, adding new metrics, new ways to analyze your data, and a redesigned UI that’s much easier to use.

You can now see your installations measured by unique users, as well as by unique devices. For user installations, you can view active installs, total installs, and daily installs and uninstalls. For devices, you can see active installs as well as daily installs, uninstalls, and upgrades. You can even check your app’s installation trends across mobile operators or monitor the launch metrics of specific app updates.

There is a lot more and the best way to check it out is by going to Developer Console yourself.


One thought on “Android Market adds more app stats for publishers

  1. People who use android like me always wish that they should be able to view more app stats. This is now true as Google has added more stats and this can give users like me more precise information on its device, its application, downloads and other information related to usage.

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