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Polaroid announces Android powered Smart Camera SC1630

As smartphones are increasingly replacing point-n-shoot cameras, Polaroid has announced a device called Smart Camera that is essentially a smartphone without a phone. While it does not decrease the number of devices you carry, it does replace point-n-shoot with a much smarter device which can be used for a lot of other purposes.

I am still not convinced that we are going to see any serious number of consumers grabbing this, but it is still a nice idea. As a camera, Polaroid Smart Camera is pretty good; it features a 36-108mm lens and 16MP sensor with 3X optical zoom along with 3.2inch display, Wi-Fi and Android.

It also support app downloads via Android Market, so you will have access of lots of interesting camera/editing app right on your device. Dubbed as Polaroid SC1630, it will be available sometime this year.  Price is TBD.

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