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HTC brings bootloader unlock support to Wildfire, Wildfire S, Salsa, & OG Desire

HTC has been keeping its promise to bring bootloader unlock to all the devices and the latest list of supported Android phones includes some of the much awaited devices like Wildfire, Wildfire S, Salsa and original Desire.

You can now head over the and follow the instructions to unlock the bootloader of your phone. Unlocking the bootloader will allow you to root, flash custom ROM and stuff like this.

If some of you still see S-On after unlocking the bootloader, don’t worry – it is just to protect radio, and SIM lock, but your boot, recovery and system are unlocked now. Here is the HTC’s explanation for that.

Your device is shipped with Security on (S-ON) to protect your system software configuration (such as the bootloader, radio, boot, recovery, system and others). After you have unlocked the bootloader, however, you will have lifted the restrictions on boot, recovery and system. This means you can customize boot, recovery and system images on your phone as you desire. You can easily see that you have successfully unlocked the bootloader by looking at the top of the screen when entering the bootloader screen. Security is left on to protect things like the radio, and SIM lock.

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