Google TV switches to ARM with Marvell’s ARMADA 1500

With the closure of Intel’s Digital Home Group, it was inevitable for Google to go ARM’s way for its Google TV solutions. Until now, all the Google TV devices were powered by Intel’s CE4100 platform and it had decent share of problems (high silicon cost, high power consumption etc.)that somewhat were responsible for the disaster named Google TV.

Google hasn’t given up, and the same was visible in Marvell’s press note that was released just now. According to Marvell, they are launching the next gen ARMADA 1500 (88DE3010) SoC and have partnered with Google. There were no clear details on which devices powered by Marvell’s new SoC are coming in the future, but if we are going to see any new Google TV boxes at CES, they would be powered by ARMADA 1500.

The Armada 1500 SoC will have a dual-core CPU, support for Blu-ray 3D, video encoding / decoding and upscaling, GC1000 GPU and a lot more technical stuff, which are not going to talk about here. The following diagram should give you some idea.

From Marvell:

Using Marvell’s award-winning Qdeo video processing technology, the Armada 1500 is designed to deliver superior 3D video, impressively rich audio, striking 3D graphics and TV-friendly Web content. In addition, the second-generation Google TV platforms feature a simpler design, more intuitive interface, and the new Android Honeycomb OS. Coupled with the powerful Armada 1500 processor, Google TV 2.0 solutions can provide unprecedented, seamless access to YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, Skype, Picasa, and the latest Android applications all optimized for your Smart TV.

From Google:

“The Google and Marvell teams have been working closely together to bring our combined software and chipset technologies to market to grow the Google TV ecosystem of manufacturers and devices. Marvell-powered Google TV solutions will enable powerful products to be brought to market at attractive prices.”

– Mario Queiroz, VP, Product Management Google TV.

You can read the ARMADA 1500 Product Brief here.

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