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Android Market crosses 400,000 apps milestone – Distimo

Yes, now there are more than 400,000 applications in the Android Market. According to the app store tracker Distimo, Android Market reached this milestone on the New Year’s weekend.

Android Market, which has been part of lot of achievements lately, took only four months to top 400,000 apps from 300,000 in August 2011; clearly showing that there is a lot of developer interest in making apps for the platform.

Few pointers about the current state of Android Market:

  • 68pc of the total apps in Android Market are free. (Several of them are following the fermium model, which seems to work quite well on Android)
  • Android Market currently has more than 100K publishers
  • Market took 39 months to reach 400,000 apps.

The number of applications being depicted by Distimo represents the currently available apps in the Market, not the ones that have been deleted by publishers or by Google.

To remind you, Market had

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  1. This is what real competition is!!! But this Apple is a coward company I hope they ll start putting patterns on apps too and start sueing lol

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