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Android App Inventor goes open-source, code available now

After being discontinued as a Google product, as promised Android App Inventor has got a new lease of life in the form of first public release of its source code recently. Developers can now grab the code from here, and start building their own versions of App Inventor.

Initially launched to public on December 15, 2010, App Inventor was a DIY tool for building Android apps for novices with little to no knowledge of coding. When the product was not picked up to Google’s expectations, company decided to close it down and give it to open source community in the supervision of MIT Media Lab.

Now that source code is public, we can expect some developer to come up with their own variant of this DIY tool or we will see them incorporating some part in their own tools.

MIT has also announced that it will release its own tool called MIT App Inventor in the future, based on this source code. So, if you were disappointed because of the demise of Google’ s App Inventor, you should get ready to see MIT App Inventor now.

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One thought on “Android App Inventor goes open-source, code available now

  1. Is there a coincidence between this announcement and the one announced by Notion Ink (considering the fact they are coming at the same time).

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