Aakash tablets coming to a college library near you

Don’t want to spend INR 2,500 to buy Akash tablet, well you might still be able to get your hands on it. According to a report, Government is planning to place Aakash tablets in School/College libraries, so that students can get them issued like normal books and then return after using.

These library editions of Aakash will have college specific curriculum pre-loaded on the tablet. According to Zee News, government wants Aakash to reach all 220 million school and college students. Hence this step of renting the tab will in a way help government to reach its target.

However, government has still not started selling Aakash to students and even the commercial availability of Ubislate is also in question. Government has told NYTimes that it has now decided to procure the upgraded version of the tablet thus this delay. This upgraded version will come with  3200 mAh battery instead of 2100 mAh, better firmware and a 700 MHz Cortex A8 processor instead of the 366 MHz ARM 11 processor initially supplied. These supplies for the upgraded Aakash are yet to be received.

On the other hand, Datawind is trying hard to cope with increased demand of the tablet and released the following statement on its Facebook page.

Delivery Schedule for Aakash – Deliveries of Aakash are currently in progress. If you ordered online and still have not heard from us, please bear with us for a little more time. By end of January we intend to contact everyone who ordered an Aakash. We are contacting you via email/phone in the order that your bookings were received by us. Once we contact you, you’ll be given the option to make your payment and Aakash will be shipped to you via a courier service. Aakash will continue to be shipped till stocks last.

For those of you looking to buy Aakash, it can try and place the order at Ncarry.com, however there are very limited stocks and they might have been already finished. The upgraded version is expected to be available in late-January and that too has been pre-booked till February, so any new orders will only be fulfilled in March.

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