Sony Ericsson teases upcoming CES launches (Update)

We have been reporting about the possible Sony Ericsson smartphone launches at Consumer Electronics Show and now company has started teasing the same. SE today posted on its official Google Plus page – “Something big is coming! Stay tuned for some exciting news next week.

So, what is this ‘something big that is coming at CES,’ probably Xperia arc HD or Xperia Ion, two of the leaked smartphones that are expected to be officially announced at CES. According to leaks and rumors till now, Xperia Ion aka LT28at features a 4.55 inch HD display, 13MP rear camera, front camera with 720p recording, and LTE connectivity. On the other hand Xperia arc HD aka LT26i Nozomi will feature 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 12MP camera, 4.3-inch HD display (720 x 1280 pixels), 1GB of RAM, 32GB of ROM, and  1750mAh battery.

Just a few more days of wait, Sony Ericsson has a press conference scheduled on January 10 and we expect these devices to be launched the same day.

Update: Sony Ericsson has posted a similar message on its Facebook Page and it has a photograph of group of friends and one of them is holding an unreleased smartphone. Any guesses guys?


  1. I expect it’s the LT26i Nozomi.

    This ‘phone is most anticipated by me, hoping that its rumored 1080p 30fps (frames per second) video recording capability makes up for the poor k800i SD (Standard Definition) video playback quality on a PC.

    I hope the LT26i Nozomi plays back video with true 1080p quality on a 32 inch PC monitor or TV, and features the same functionality as the previous Xperia Arc of last year. I held off upgrading to the Xperia Arc because it only had 720p native video recording resolution, and was seriously considering an iPhone. I then saw late last year Internet rumors on the new Xperia Arc HD aka LT26i Nozomi, and decided not to contact my cell ‘phone carrier to order an iPhone because I would like to know how visible the 720 x 1280 pixel resolution screen is in daylight conditions.

    I am patiently waiting to see the LT26i Nozomi/Xperia Arc HD released in next week’s 2012 CES. A rumor claims this smart ‘phone can take a 12MP still image whilst it is recording 1080p true HD video at 30fps without dropping any frames; a benefit of the dual core 1.5GHz CPU.

    I am also waiting for a review, if the recorded 1080p video is editable using AVCHD on a PC running Power Director.

    May be useful if the LT26i Nozomi/Xperia Arc HD includes an integrated 1D and 2D bar code reader.


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