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Today’s list of discounted apps, Android Market 3.4.4 out

Hours before Google would officially update its promo page of 10 Billion celebrations, we are back with the official list of Android applications that will be available for just $0.10 for the next 24 hours or so.

In other news, Google has released an Android Market app update, which is version 3.4.4. There is no change-log available right now, but according to initial impressions, there is a new option to auto add widgets to home-screen on app install and there is considerable speed improvement. The APK download link is given below, you can wait for the official roll-out, or directly install from the APK.

Today’s App:

  1. Tank Riders
  2. SwiftKeyX (repeat)
  3. Sleepy Jack
  4. Deer Hunter 3D
  5. EzPDF
  6. Zenonia
  7. Collapse
  8. MX Moto
  9. Guns and Glory
  10. Toddler Tapping Zoo
  11. Icebreaker Hockey

New Market Download Link – 1, 2

via Reddit|& AP

PS: You can still grab yesterday’s apps for $0.10. List here.

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