Today’s list of discounted apps, Web Android Market gets review filters

While Google is still waiting for update their promo page, resourceful folks over at Reddit have scoured the Android Market and found the 10 apps are on sale for the next 24 hours in the Android Market. These apps are being sold for $0.10 as the part of 10 Billion app downloads promotion in Android Market.

  1. Block Breaker 3 Unlimited HD
  2. Flick Soccer
  3. Flight Control
  5. Blow Up
  6. Doodle Jump
  7. Roll in the Hole [USInternational]
  8. When I Get Bigger
  9. Beautiful Widgets
  10. SoundHound Unlimited

Google has repeated two apps as usual in today’s list also along with unwanted high number of games.

In other news, Google Android Market team has released the user review filters in the web based Market. Now you can filter the reviews based on app version, device name, and even the helpfulness of the review (as rated by other users). A few caveats still remain, as you can only filter the reviews for the devices that are registered to your account or choose between all app versions and latest version.

But still, this is definitely a great step in terms of usefulness of users as well as developers.

via Reddit | Android Market


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