Today’s list of discounted apps in Android Market 10 Billion Promo

Another day and another set of discounted 10 cents apps and games in Android Market as a part of current 10 Billion Promo. As usual today’s ten apps are also filled with games, users are getting anxious that Google is preferring games to be a part of Promo rather than giving out some real premium apps.

Also the recent repetitions have irked users, but looks like Google was probably not able to find the sufficient number of premium app developers, who are willing to give out their apps or games for free.

Back to today’s INR 5.20 apps:

  1. Jenga
  2. Captain America
  3. BackStab HD
  4. Raging Thunder
  5. Backbreaker Football
  6. Great Little War Game
  7. Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO
  8. SimCity Deluxe [For International Users] [For US users]
  9. Just Me and My Mom
  10. NFL 3D Live Wallpaper Unlocked

We are looking for rest of the two apps and will post their names ASAP.  Posted.



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