Samsung Galaxy SIII sample camera shots leaked?

A photograph apparently taken from Samsung Galaxy S III  is doing rounds of the web today. Being touted as the first leaked sample shot of Galaxy S III, photo’s EXIF and location data has revealed that it was taken in South Korean town of Suwon, which hosts a Samsung factory.

It also revealed that it was taken from a model number Samsung GT-I9500, which fits the numeral progression of Samsung’s model number schemes from Galaxy SII (I9100) to Galaxy Nexus (I9250) and might belong to S III. On the interesting note, even the file name of this sample shot is “samsung-galaxy-s-iii-camera-sample.jpg”.

It is however important to note that EXIF data can be faked easily, and file name has no credibility whatsoever. So this image very well have been taken from some other phone camera and planted as Galaxy S III sample shot. The account, which hosts this image, does not even look like a Samsung Employee’s account (only ones that have any chance of access to Galaxy S III right now). Account has images of LG, HTC concept phones, leaked photos from SE phones and has file named in Czech language, so much for the Korean connection.

While we think that it is a clear fake, what do you think? Check out the original image here.


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