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Samsung Galaxy S II getting Android 2.3.6 update in India

Samsung has finally started rolling out the much awaited Android 2.3.6 update for Galaxy S2 I9100 users in India today. This update is available via Samsung Kies application, so you just have to fire up Kies on your PC and start updating.

There is not change-log available right now, but according to users the new update brings better support for Indic languages although there still are some issues.  We will update the post as soon as we get our hands on the official change-log.

Galaxy S II India Update Details:

  • Region: INU
  • Model: GT-I9100
  • Version: I9100XWKL1 (2.3.6)

Update:  Change-log (Thanks to Sanju)

  • Faster boot-up time
  • Lock-screen bug fixed
  • Boost in HSPA connectivity speed
  • Camera interface tweaks
  • Security & performance upgrading

Do let us know about your experience with Galaxy S II after the update in comments.

Thanks Ankur, Arnab

93 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S II getting Android 2.3.6 update in India

  1. I am using latest version of Kies and when I connect my Samsung Galaxy S II with kies using LAPTOP or any other PC It says…..

    “This version of firmware cant be upgraded”.

    I have contacted local service center and emailed Samsung India about this… But they dont have proper answer to this and they are clue less…

    anyone else is facing same problem? How to solve this one please mention below If you know to fix it…

    Good to read that Indian SGS2 users getting 2.3.6 update… Looking forward to Gtalk Video calling and enhanced battery management and better camera software…

  2. It’s good to see that atleast we get that much awaited update.Now at least we have HINDI support.
    display fonts also changed and looking fine.In HINDI there needs some improvements.

  3. Just now i have completed the update on my phone. I have to explore how good it is!!

    Rashmin–Just close the Kies and unplug the phone; re-connect your phone and launch kies and now try to update the firmware, it should work now. It happened to me too initially. Hope this helps.

  4. @Sanyam: OTA updates usually are pushed by the operators. Most of the operators in India still don’t support a full fledge Updates over the air(Data charges).

  5. I am not getting the update pop up when i connect my samsung galaxy sII to Kies. I dont know what is the problem

  6. I am also not able to update. As soon as I connect to kies, it says your device does not support software upgrading via kies. Please someone help me to update my new galaxy s2.

  7. I am getting the same message: “your device does not support software upgrading via kies.”

    Can any one help? how to solve this problem?

  8. No its nothing like ota updated are pushed by carriers. I had HTC legend and I received ota update on it. May be ota updates will be supported now onwards..

  9. The Upgrade process after downloading the upgrade keeps getting time out errors.

    1st time was a 2% , then shutdown KIES, unplugged phone.

    Restarted KIES , plugged in phone and selected firmware upgrade, re-downloads the firmware upgrade and stops at 8%.

    Samsung , you need to resolve this ASAP.

    We want our Christmas present – upgrade for SGS2.

  10. while updating through KIES,the file download takes a long time and after the message appears”operation timed out”

  11. I updated to 2.3.6, Swype keypad is new, drop down menu in home screen has been modified and thevibration icon appears on top even when sounds are on.
    RAM utilisation is better – more free RAM available..
    Hspa performance is better..more animation effects when you hit page end and can’t scroll further.
    Overall its excellent.. !!
    I updated with kies – be a little patient, it works.

  12. Updated my phone, It took too long an hour and a half but am satisfied with the result as the phone runs smoother than earlier.

    Samsung India job well done but the download server just takes too long for comfort.

  13. No luck with the update. Same standard message that ,”Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies.”. Strange ! The last time I upgraded to Gingerbread, this message did not come up. Am using a Mac.

  14. Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread update changes follow:

    Faster booting-up

    Lockscreen hang bug fixed

    Boost of the HSPA conectivity speed

    A few changes on the camera interface

    Security & performance upgrading

  15. Update my phone to 2.3.6. Please find the changes which i observed till now.

    Phone is bit faster now, but i dont see any difference in signal boost.
    Silent mode switch is changed in Notification bar.
    Settings -> About Phone -> Software Update(Added Auto Update,Wi-Fi,Push Message)
    Settings -> Power Saving
    2 line Power Saving Widget
    I can’t comment anything as of now on battery as i updated it just 1hr back.

  16. Its not happening smoothly at all.. Till now it has got timed out atleast 3 times… Lets see when it finally gets over… Its very very slow also…

  17. Dear All,

    Esp Rashmin, Rohan & Sreedhar or anybody receiving “Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies” please follow these steps…


    1. Before connecting the phone to your PC, Launch Kies on PC and go to HELP>Check for Updates
    2. Most probably your KIES is not the latest verion. Update Kies to latest version.
    3. Alternatively you can also go to Samsung mobile website. Go to support and download and install latest Kies from there.
    4. Once the latest Kies is installed; connect the phone and continue with the usual update process.

    It worked for me, hope this works out for you too…! Good Luck…!

  18. @Rashmin : Even I have faced the same problem a week back as I have done some R&D & upgraded the OS to 2.3.6 of US (AT&T) & then to UK version so whenever I start my Kies, I get the message to the one you are getting.
    I have simply visited the Service Center & ask them for FORMAT my S2 & update the 2.3.3 version, after which it works

  19. Guys, Does any one know a download link for the update??? I have been trying for the last 4 hours and its getting timed out after 15-16%.. I have a perfectly good internet connection but still it does not go through…

  20. List of changes in 2.3.6 update

    1. During the startup animation when the Big S appears they have added Samsung Galaxy S2 logo.
    2. Default font has been changed(Made a little bold).
    3. There is a blue tint that is added when you scroll between the Settings or menus.
    4. System power saving option added.
    5. Power saving widget is on the same page instead scrolling to the right.
    6. RAM utilisation is better and phone is faster.
    7. Software update over Wifi is available.
    8. New application Kies Cast(No sure if it was there on 2.3.3).

  21. Just I upgrded my SGSII to Android 2.3.6 over kies.

    Below are the improvements I’ve observed quickly, still I need explore lot of things

    1. RAM utilization, I can see lot of RAM is free now.

    2. Change in Scroll bar, once you scroll to top or bottom a blue color line blinks and goes

    3. Fast booting

    4. Change in boot image

    5. Vbration icon on the screen top

  22. @Sures @Tek Gru @Tahir
    Thanks all of you.

    I have installed the latest version of the KIES 2.1 before I went for upgrading My S2. But I got the same message.

    I am taliking to Samsung India on toll free and live chat even I gave my phone for local samsung service centre.

    They say that 2.3.6 is available for Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G and not for Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100.

    So No luck on upgrade OS. Any one did it for SGS2 GT-I9100? just let me know.

  23. i havent upgraded s2 even once via odin, but last night i was upgrading via kies, firstly it started to analyze , then download then install. When all was finished, i just disconnected my phone to check. It was same 2.3.3 (no error)
    And now when connect again kies shows this message “Your device doesn’t support software upgrading via Kies”

    Where is the problem lies? Please help.

  24. OMG!! Cant wait to go home and upgrade. 😀 😀 😀
    Hope I dont face any problems while upgrading (Kies on XP extremely slow) 🙁

    and I had the same question as “garl”

  25. @Ravee

    Great! which city r u from? have u updated using Windows PC or MAC? Any problems during updates or it got completed smoothly?

  26. I have successfully upgraded GT9100 to 2.3.6 update. It was not easy. After 3-4hrs struggle I could able to do it. I was getting network errors in downloading the firmware files. Once the file is downloaded it was smooth. It is working fine.

  27. @Amjath : Thanks a TON..!!

    Hey ppl..Are there any precautions/steps to be followed before upgrading..

    PS : I am a newbie..

  28. yesterday i have update to 2.3.6 via kies , my phone is rooted through odin ( super user ) but still update work for me through kies and i didn’t back up anything and i didn’t lost anything….it’s take nearly 1:30hrs…… am from mumbai……..
    video player, viberation icon, blue theme effect, system update options, more ram , better battery, animation in camera application, power saving, swype, all this i have find but
    can’t find hindi language in settings…..doesn’t matter…….
    guy fast update ur droid to 2.3.6. it’s awesome……and wait for ICS…….

  29. Finally updated to 2.3.6. Its almost the same no major changes.

    It seems Gtalk Video Call support still missing, may be 2.3.7 will allow Gtalk Video Calling feature.

  30. Hi,
    whats the point of providing 2.3.6 without gtalk video / voice chat ?, which is main feature of 2.3.4 itself.
    One more point to say that samsung development team is lazy ( either way not at all capable).

    I am Galaxy S user on 4.0.3 in india, enjoying Gtalk video chat.


  31. The differences I observed are as below:
    1. Slideshow feature available in Photo Frame Widget (Its there in 2.3.5 also, but new to original SGS2 on 2.3.3)
    2. Power savings Widget has a new look. Instead of having a link button at the end, it shows all the options in one screen.
    3. New Power Saving settings available. You can now have both custom power saving settings as well as system default settings.
    4. Seemingly smoother navigation.
    5. Change in the features available in the top screen short cut.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY THE YELLOWISH TINGE on the left hand side of the display is FINALLY GONE 🙂
    It was showing clearly in “Movie” & “Standard” mode of display, but its not there even in that mode.

    So glad…
    Now would wait for the ICS patiently..

  32. After close to 10-12 hours finally got the download complete. But then this error came

    Notice – F

    PC failed to recognise the mobile phone.
    Please follow the guide below to try again.

    1. Disconnect the mobile phone from cable, remove the battery and reattach the battery.
    2. Press the power button.
    3. Make sure the mobile phone has been turned on completely.
    4. Reconnect the mobile phone to the cable and start the upgrage.

    Now I have done the steps and am re downloading the entire update again.

    Does anyone have any idea whats happening ?

  33. i hav the latest versn of kies when i start it downloads the components and after that bang an error that the firmware upgrade has stop working but in the background the upgrade is running what to do???

  34. After u uninstall KIES and reinstall this then download the update and continue the install time out error does NOT occur.

    If your phone was rooted then this update unroots the phone.

    One nice touch apart from New Kernel , Blue band at the end of every list and other updates listed above is the feature of Recent Contacts when you message.

    Nice Touch Samsung.

    Now waiting for Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich.

  35. Hi started my upgrade…getting just one message “Downloading….Do not turn off target” for the last 1.5 hrs on the phone screen…In Kies the progress bar has not moved at all….and the “cancel” button is not enabled…help!!

  36. Luckily Kies is detecting upgrade for me.
    Unluckily Kies is not downloading the complete file. Its been 3.5 hours and I have tried 9 times. The max it has crossed is 15%.

    Why cant we have upgrades like Apple where clients get what they are promised?

  37. Finally Its done. I have taken screenshots at every level. So for the people whom this is not woking … keep trying with patience.

    By the way .. the phone is working fine. I had Wifi issue with my previous version but that is resolved too. Seems like my phone is working nicely.

  38. After downloading the firmware components….an error is popping up saying….firmware upgrade has stopped working……is anyone is facing this problem??????

  39. Other feauture dat i observed is the availability of saving a contact on SIM card which ws absent earlier..
    Also the sound effects of pressing the backspace button is nw different dan others..
    But it still lacks or say removes the message skins which comes originally!!

  40. Hi All,

    Thanks for the tips provided here. I was able to successfully update to 2.3.6. Was able to see must of the new features (mentioned above). A nice feature that I liked was that “when I connect by S2 to the laptop MTP initialization and connection does not lock you out of the phone” which is an excellent feature. Now one can work on phone and connect to KIES also.

  41. @garl and @demigod: hi i took backup and updated the firmware but the data and apps did not go

    Also i find some changes to stock video player: i could watch video in portrait view
    lot smoother and faster now.

    I dont think this update ll enhance battery

  42. i hav the latest kies installd n i did it at night it downloads the components n aftr tht an error that the upgrade firmwr has stop wrking

  43. After updating my kies,the firmware update began with the initial ‘upgrate components’ download.On completion of this download a screen appears that says ‘preparing firmware upgrade component’ and then this goes on for like an eternity and never ends.I had disconnection and reconnected the phone 3-4 times after this,but still no luck.
    Does anyone who has upgraded his phone know the duration of the ‘preparing components screen’?
    I also have a slightly slower internet connection which might a reason for the stalling,but there are others who have upgraded using a slower connection right?

  44. Awesome my phone performance is going so smoothly and fast
    thanx to samsung many more new things are there in this update

  45. After updating my kies,the firmware update began with the initial ‘upgrate components’ download.On completion of this download a screen appears that says ‘preparing firmware upgrade component’ and then this goes on for like an eternity and never ends.I had disconnection and reconnected the phone 3-4 times after this,but still no luck.
    Does anyone who has upgraded his phone know the duration of the ‘preparing components screen’?
    I also have a slightly slower internet connection which might a reason for the stalling,but there are others who have upgraded using a slower connection right?
    ==============i am having the same problem plzzz help

  46. @Chetan I upgraded my phone on Windows 7, and there was no Issues.. 1st time after downloading 74% it showed connection time out error, but on the 2nd time it went well till the end upgrading it to 2.3.6.

    Plople please share the change log and tips and ways to save battery, coz it completed yesterday at 3am, after 4 Hours on battery its showing 94% remaining.

    Display battery usage is still high at 68% with system power saving mode enebled, please suggest.

  47. after the update changes which i have noticed so far –

    things which suck:
    the default font has changed, seems to be a bit bolder – sucks
    there is a annoying icon in notification bar appears as long as you have vibration on, earlier used to appear only when you had Silent mode on – sucks
    the usual bounce effect which happened once you scroll to the bottom of menu or list is replaced by some blue color thing – sucks
    the blacklist feature works but not as smooth as before, has to be enabled first from Call Settings and Auto reject mode and even then the blacklisted caller hears a little ring before it automicatically disconnects – sucks
    after connecting to kies, no longer get the fullscreen MTP, just a notification icon at the top which is good but once you are copying a large file the screen changes to full screen MTP saying Synchronizing…. and doesn’t let you do anything else – sucks

    things which are good:
    the system power saving mode actually works and saves battery – still testing
    scroll enabled from the last home screen to the first like it was already there in applications screen

    other changes :
    Phone ringtone changed, the default minimal tone no longer available
    Touch key light settings changed – added couple of more options

    will continue to check for any other changes and post but from the first looks, seems like I m going back to 2.3.3 version, this one hasn’t done enough for me to stick to it

  48. changes i’ve noticed
    gallery options menu is not transparent
    videos can be now played in potrait mode
    bluetooth notifices about available devices in the notification bar
    using d default keypad, pressing the backspace has a different tone
    bootup is faster
    camera quality improved
    better power saving

  49. Upgraded to 2.3.6 after a lot of unsuccessful attempts.. It is smooth.. but I see my phone rebooting once in a while.. 🙁

  50. Following is the feedback for the update:-
    1) Phone runs smoothly and no issues of Freezing and restart
    2) The power save mode runs better as i am notching atleast 24 hrs of heavy usage before charging it again.
    3) The phone had a volume issue earlier as the volume on calls was affected by the volume on the media player, that issue has been resolved effectively with this update.

  51. Phone bricked while updating via kies, after starting the update it remained at 0% for eight hours and then i had to remove the wire. And after i removed the wire the phone didn’t start. just a yellow icon showed up. took to the samsung service centre and they had to replace the whole motherboard. (processor and memory including). such a loss.

  52. After the download reaches somewhere close to 70% i get the this error…. I tried it again got the same error. Please suggest what can done in this case.

    Notice – F

    PC failed to recognise the mobile phone.
    Please follow the guide below to try again.

    1. Disconnect the mobile phone from cable, remove the battery and reattach the battery.
    2. Press the power button.
    3. Make sure the mobile phone has been turned on completely.
    4. Reconnect the mobile phone to the cable and start the upgrage.

    @Anuj I think even you had the same error how did you fix it..

  53. the window named ” downloading file for firmware upgrade of GT I 9100″ takes most of time since the files to be updated are downloading, it depends upon the connection speed, i have a connection of 2 Mbps and it took me over 2 hours to complete download and additional time for downloading on to the phone.

  54. finally updated my Samsung galaxy s2 to 2.3.6 after many failed attempts.
    it took nearly 2 hours to finish. And yes do it at night

  55. I’m still stuck on 2.3.3
    When I try to update my software by going in settings>about phone>software update, it says connection failed. I’m using Wi-Fi.

    Country: India.

  56. i have a i9100g indian version and i got the 2.3.6 update via kies here in italy. There seems to be a lot of issues after the update i.e wifi issues, sluggish performance and ocassional freezing of the screen. Checked an italian blog and it seems samsung has released an official fix of the faulty 2.3.6 update but when i check my device on kies there is no update.

    Any idea how i can get this fixed update or perhaps go back to my older version via kies?

  57. I just did the upgrade on samsung galaxy sl upgraded to 2.3.6 with out any problem.
    Tips: First ensure at 3 Gb on your PC local harddisk , next turn off both antivirus and firewall before you start the upgrade , entire upgrade process will be smooth.

  58. Hi. i upgraded to 2.3.6 on my s2 I9100G four days back. All was fine. mean i couldn’t notice much difference. The biggest drawback is when i try to connect to a PC, any of the OS, XP or Vista or 7 cant recognise the device. The drivers are missing even through KIES. I am ata loss. Pls help

  59. Aniket Do a factory reset and then connect your mobile to your PC. And then try to update your mobile. Everything will be fine and smooth.

  60. I recently bought my Galaxy SII (2nd one) from the Service Center itself and I got my hands on a really fresh piece that is of January 23, 2012 with which the 2.3.6 comes preloaded. I am sure the lock screen bug-fix is not resolved as I keep getting the error. It is so frequent that it happens once in every 3 times. Some features like the Cam working in low battery and saving contacts on SIM Card took me by surprise. However I feel the update has slowed down the OS and my Music Player now faces some glitches while I turn my WhatsApp on and off. I also liked the Display Screen movements. They are now pretty smooth and swift. Also the browsing up and down with TouchWiz has improved big time. However I am not very happy because I feel the 2.3.3 was better than the recent update without the above features also. So I rate this update only 6/10. I hope they come back soon with a decent upgrade – Vikas

  61. I feel the camera also has suffered from the faulty upgrade. It was easier to switch between Preview and Camera modes in 2.3.3. It is pretty slow in 2.3.6. My battery too isn’t performing consistently. It lasts for 8 hrs and 24 hrs every alternate day on same usage. Yesterday my phone just froze while texting a friend. I had to remove my battery and re-insert it to operate it again. Also the error that was in 2.3.3 is back. This error is the one where when you press the back button, it keeps going to the previous task that you did repeatedly. You need to press the home button to stop it. I will keep updating this when I face more challenges. Thanks – Vikas

  62. I Upgraded to 2.3.6 Yesterday. After the Process Finished, there was No service in my phone ( The network Signal Icon was replaced by an Airplane ) I took it to the Service Center, and these people told me that you have rooted the device and it will cost Rs.9K…. Don’t Upgrade it is an Unstable Version the Manger of the Service Center Accepted it!


  64. Just now I upgrade to 2.3.6. I really liked it. Previously it used stuck when switching from camera to preview and now it is working very smoothly and fast. I upgraded the firmware from phone itself and worked well for me.No issues faced. everything is working fine. 🙂 SII I9100G

  65. Hi All,

    New wifi UI is given, when you enable wifi from notification area. new pop up comes with the detail information of spots even after connecting. pop shows to which access point you are connected.

  66. i have gt-i9100 and kies 2.3 latest. but it’s not showing any upgrade option? please lemme know what to do

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