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Root almost any Android phone with Unlock Root (One-click solution)

Yes, that is true. It is the mother of all rooting tools, and can help you in gaining root access on around 200 Android smartphones (to be frank, I did not count them, but that list of supported devices is huge). This tool supports devices from manufacturers like HTC, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson to unknown Chinese OEMs running on different Android versions.

While, it is unclear which exploit this tool is using, but it works. We tried it on two devices that we had in our hands right now and it worked like a charm.

To use this tool, all you need is a Windows PC, device drivers, usb cable and the device. Just grab the tool download from here and start rooting your Android phones.

Do let know in comments if you were successful in rooting your phone with this tool. It will surely help others who are looking for a simple tool to gain root access on their device.  We have noticed that it installs an App called AnTuTu Battery Saver on your phone at the time of rooting, it can be easily removed later.

Some of the popular Android phones that can be rooted using this tool are:

=> HTC Sensation (G14) , Galaxy Nexus (i9250) , LG Optimus 3D (P920), HTC Wildfire S (G13), Galaxy Note (I9220), LG Optimus 2x, HTC Desire S (G12), Galaxy S II (I9100) , LG Optimus LTE, HTC Incredible S (G11), Galaxy S (I9000), LG Optimus Black

To check out all the supported devices, check here.

Disclaimer: Although we did test this tool from our end before posting, but be cautious before doing anything that you might regret later.

Update: We have noticed that it is not working for users  with HTC phones that have S-On, try revolutionary if your phone is supported, else you will not be able to root.

62 thoughts on “Root almost any Android phone with Unlock Root (One-click solution)

  1. Although we did test this tool from our end before posting, but be cautious before doing anything that you might *great* later.

    I think it should be (Regret)

  2. amazing app. just finished rooting and unrooting of my Samsung Galaxy SL of was pure and simple. the BEST ONE….

  3. Tried it and works like a charm. Phone: LG optimus 2X P990. 2.3.4

    Installed Titanium back up and it works.. Thanks!!!

  4. you have posted htc chacha name in the list of compatible smartphones which can rooted, but mine is S 0N so how to s off plz explain

  5. not success on HTC Wildfire(buzz) 2.2.1……….I think S-OFF is required…….how can i get s-off?….because revolutionary only support hboot 1.01.0001 but mine is 1.01.0002….

    1. @dhruuval unless you are comfortable, you should not try it.

      As a process it works, and you can go through the entire thread to see if anyone faced any problems after doing it.

  6. After clicking the download link a new popup saying Authentication required and asking for User name and password.

  7. @tarun. you have to install samsung kies since this software requires all the drivers necessary for SGSL. then conect the phone. nothing would happen unless you click the root button. then a popup window comesup indicating your mobile

  8. I have x10a running on x10a 2.3.3 stock..
    Please let me know which is the best stable ROM available..
    @ Gaurav Shukla Please help..

  9. @Gaurav Shukla……I tried and I succeed…… m very happy now….by the way thanx…..i downgraded it then s-off and then root with ‘unlock root’….now i just installed cm7 (android 2.3.7)…..but can i install ICS on htc wildfire??….

    1. @dhruuval great .. now you can enjoy of new stuff wid root. . you can install ICS, i am sure sumone would hav surely ported ICS to wildfire.. but i would recommend sticking to Gingerbread, coz it would be more stable and perfect for daily usage.. ICS would nvr run as smooth because of the hardware of the phone. .. although as you hav CWM now, you can backup your current ROM and try ICS and then get back to your current ROM.

  10. @ Gaurav Shukla Please help..
    I have x10a running on 2.3.3 stock..
    Please let me know which is the best stable ROM available..

  11. Worked like a charm for my SGS I9000 2.3.3. Now the primary reason I wanted to Root was to flash custom roms. So first thing I did was downloaded ROM Manager, flashed CWM Recovery. And tried to load on cyanogen mod. But alas! Error: signature failed! Not able to boot into CWM Recovery because I am on 3e.. Need to be on 2e to do that. Any help on how to? And a preferably simple way,! Really don’t wanna mess up my phone 😛

  12. This software works, but had to disable Avira first as it denied access to the software when rooting my Samsung Galaxy S GT-19000 (Indian version). Now that it is over, i was not able to install CM7 on it as it said integrity check failed. Any pointers on this to help me out…?

  13. Hi, can anyone tell me will this rooting method wipe out all content of the phone and reset it back to factory setting? I’m trying to root my Samsung Nexus S 2.3.6 and I’m worrying about this problem. 🙂

  14. @taiws

    No, it wont wipe out any content from your phone while rooting. I also has the same Google Nexus S 2.3.6 and got it rooted using this app.

  15. Works like a wonder.. So simple and got rooted in 2 mins (Defy with official 2.2) I was in 2minded whether to root or not… that is gone now.. Any one please suggest good Custom ROM for Defy with Green lens(SOC module)..

  16. HTC has included the bootloader unlocksupport for Widlfire, Widlfire S, Salsa and other phones. Those of you, who were not able to root, can now unlock their bootloader and then run the tool..

  17. Yesterday I got an OTA Update to 4.0.3 ICS after putting the T-Mobile SIM which i got along with the purchase of my Nexus S.

    Now after running this app i’m getting a message “Failed to get shell root !”

    This app worked for me when i was in Ginger Bread 2.3.6

  18. Wow
    after fooling around with the likes of z4root, and superoneclick 2.3.3 which didn’t work I wasn’t expecting this one to work but I was dead wrong.

    My Start A1200 Chinese gingerbread 2.3.4 phone was rooted with ease

    thank you!!!

  19. Failed to Root ZTE V9C gingerbread 2.3.4 .
    Doesn’t proceed beyond Shell Root.
    Hope the new versions succeed in rooting.

  20. Unlock Root doesn’t work for ZTE v9c.As it is unable to get Shell root.There is a file ” default.prop” its configuration is set to shell (non root) user – file is preventing from gaining root access.If the value is edited to 0.And the edited file is pushed back to its original place followed by usual exploit then may be we might succeed in rooting zte v9c.I may be wrong.

  21. Unlock Root doesn’t work on ZTE V9c.
    There is a file “default.prop” which is configured as:shell(non root)
    This file prevents root access.It has to be edited as shell(root)
    Followed by usual exploit to root .I may be wrong .Requesting hackers to have a look and give it a try.Thanks.

  22. Awesome worked great for HTC NEXUS ONE 2.3.6 , after 2.3.6 update UNROOTED my phone. This helped re-root it 🙂

  23. When I wanted to root my HTC wildfire, I got error message” failed to get shell root” any idea? what should I do to resolve the problem?

  24. Very cool application. I am totally new to android, literally bought my phone a wk ago. Unknown chinese model, fake iphone 5s thing for £80. Was basically curious if was possible with my phone. Wirked 1st time no problem, think took about 60 seconds max. Very very easy, down loaded root checker to make sure and yeo, roited. So many thanks and anyone out there running the MT6573 650Mhz chip i would defo reccomend giving it a go, what have you got to lose, not like its gonna affect ya warrenties eh, lol. Read up, check it n go for it.

  25. @Gaurav Shukla….
    I have htc Wildfire A3333 (Buzz)
    Android 2.2.1 hboot 1.01.0002…..
    I just want to root my device (no custom roms)……
    I was bit confused weather to downgrade using htc bootloader frm or downgrade to 1.01.0001 frm xda forum…..???
    Using htc bootloader can i get root access like overclocking. for gaming etc…..????
    If not then after unlocking bootloader can i root with UNLOCK ROOT…….????
    How to make backup of Stock Rom After rooting……(If something happens)
    If i wish to gain unroot and S-ON on my device can i do it……???
    If yes then what is the procedure……?????
    And can u suggest me games wich can be played after rooting htc wildfire…..????
    Can u give me ur fb id…..???

    1. When I wanted to root my HTC wildfire, I got error message” failed to get shell root” any idea? what should I do to resolve the problem?

  26. This is a good program depending on the phone you have but many of these exploit’s and root kits are out-dated and not working and there is several out there, Many cell phone companies are getting smart with what is going on as many find themselves stuck with so much bloat ware it’s crazy, I am sure there is a program out there that works for all phones.

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