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Ncarry starts selling Aakash tablet in India

Datawind has tied up with Nimbuzz group’s to sell Aakash tablet in the country. This INR 2500 tablet was also on sale via two weeks ago, but was sold out within days. is reportedly carrying limited stocks of the tablet and promises to ship in 5-7 days.

Consumers will have option to pay via an online transaction, cash on delivery or even via Cheque/DD, but site says that preference will be given to already-paid orders. Really, so much for giving buyers option to choose payment method, it is like – give us the money else we might dump you for someone with a credit card.

There is no option to choose the Ubislate tablet (commercial version with GPRS connectivity) or even pre-order the upcoming upgraded version.

Price: INR 2499 + INR 199 (shipping) (Buy from here)

To check out more about Aakash tablet, read our detailed coverage here.

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7 thoughts on “Ncarry starts selling Aakash tablet in India

  1. Keep it up Gaurav, your blog is awesome.

    It has the potential of becoming another TechCrunch of India.
    I am a regular visitor and a promoter of your blog.

  2. I received my Aakash / Ubislate7 yesterday. Here is my take.

    1. You need Patience, Patience, Patience, Patience to operate this crap (device)
    2. The system is hell slow, lags lags lags.
    3. Touch is very poor, Typing is so difficult as you need to apply some pressure, and scrolling too is difficult as you have to press and scroll and most of the time you will end up with opening an app.
    4. No Google market access, there is another app called FDroid which has 250 apps available for download and most of them are crap.
    5. You have to use the browser to view videos from You Tube, i tried installing YouTube app and Market app separately but its force closes the apps.
    6. SD card un-mounts automatically at periodic intervals.
    7. Charger port is micro and every chance of breaking it.
    8. Battery backup is ok
    9. SD Card will not goes inside to the slot fully and its an eye sore.
    10. No internal speaker or microphone, you have to use the headphone with mic for listening/voice chatting etc
    11. The keyboard will takes 5-10 seconds to come alive and appear on the screen
    12. No automatic screen rotation , you have to keep the device Horizontally.
    13. The device got a good grip and it wont slip out from the hand.

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