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Mumbai students will be able to buy Aakash tablet soon

It seems finally some students will be able to get their hands on Aakash tablet.  According to report in TOI today, Mumbai college students will soon be able to buy Aakash for INR 1138 from their respective colleges. The exact time-frame is still un-clear but as all of the government works are done, the process has started and might take some time.

“We have issued circulars to all affiliated colleges and departments. They have to get back to us with their requirements. We are hoping that students will avail of the facility as they are getting it at almost a 50% discount. I am also told an improved version of the tablet will be launched in February, so the students might get an upgraded version.”

– Rajpal Hande, Director, Board of College and University Development told TOI.

Aakash was officially announced back in October and apart from the initial distribution of the tablet at the launch event, we are yet to see it getting in the hands of students anywhere.

Is this going to change and will students finally be able to buy these cheap tablets? We will see it soon, starting in Mumbai.

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