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LG Optimus 2X gets a price cut in India, now just INR 20K

LG India has reduced the price of its dual core Android smartphone Optimus 2X in the country. Now available for INR 19,999 at online retail store Letsbuy, Optimus 2X is also reportedly selling at the same price at brick and mortar stores.

So, if you were looking to grab an Android smartphone with NVIDIA Tegra 2 inside, this is your chance.  LG has already announced that Optimus 2X is in the line to get the official Ice Cream Sandwich update, so it won’t become obsolete software-wise anytime soon. When other manufacturers are increasing the smartphone prices due to poor rupee value, this is a smart move by LG to gain some market share.

LG Optimus 2X features a 4 inch IPS display, 8MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera, HDMI support, 8GB internal storage and 1500 mAh battery.

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11 thoughts on “LG Optimus 2X gets a price cut in India, now just INR 20K

  1. i dont know if anyone tells you this, but thank you so much gaurav, for putting up news pieces like this which actually help indian consumers in buying (and also for firmware updates). i really check this site like 2 times a day as the content you post covers international as well as national scenarios pretty well(which btw i cant find any other site do).
    i so wanted the optimus 2x since it released and i have been eyeing for a price cut since diwali. losing hope i was on the verge of buying(in a matter of days) the neo v, but thanks to you i’ll now buy the 2x.
    also for feedback i would like to suggest you to do some app reviews, editorials(to get a start look for posts by taylor martin at …and personalized indian market content is always welcome 😀

  2. @ sid- I know its a dual core smartphone.but, still it sucks. it doesn’t supports rich video codecs.
    So, my suggestion is, better you buy Samsung Galaxy R @ 23000 , just 3000/- more…. it is far far better than 2x.

  3. Actually they have had this price for the last week. I first saw it in the comments of a micromax A85 review. I have ordered one today. Do Anyone know how long it takes them to verify the order for CoD?

  4. Best buy @ 19999
    great phone with Full HD recording support, 8 GB internal Memory, Gorilla Glass Display, Secondary camera for video calling not only via VOIP (skype, Gtalk, Qik) but also via 3G network which facility is available in very few handsets this days. My Xperia Neo V doesnt support Video calls via 3G network it supports video calls via VOIP only. I surely go for 2x with dual core processor and 8 MP camera wont choose Galaxy R because even after paying 3K more I will get single core processor and 5 MP camera. I dont think there will be any rich video codec support. One of my friend has it and he enjoys full hd movies in his 2x.

  5. @aditya ty for the advice. The reason i am choosing g2x is bcoz of its hardware..dual core, hdmi, ips…and foremost imp- community support… as its widely supported at xda and it has cm7(official) and im sure cm9 is in the pipeline for it in atmost 1-2 mnths.. so soft. glitches doesnt bother me as im deep into rooting, and roms stuff… 😛

  6. Dear Tejas,

    Galaxy R has a nvidia Tegra 2 dual core processor. Software wise it is same as SGSII, IT DOES have the rich codec support.

  7. Oh! Is it? then, why didn’t LG consider reducing the price on LG Optimus Black P970 (LG Optimus black configuration lower than LG Optimus 2x P990)? In the same, the price of LG Optimus Black P970 is Rs.18199. So, its the website which gave the offer, not LG. Also, in other websites like, the price of LG Optimus 2x is more than Rs.20,000.

  8. If anybody wants to buy LG Optimus 2X from Letsbuy I will give you a coupon code which will give discount of Rs.1000 (5%).

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