ITC judge finds Motorola infringing one Microsoft patent

An International Trade Commission judge has found for Microsoft that Motorola is infringing one of its patents that enable consumers to schedule meetings using mobile devices. Same judge also decided that Motorola was not in the violation of six other patents part of the dispute.

This is a very small victory for Microsoft as this decision will now go for review by the full commission and that would give its decision on the infringement of patent and injunction on the import of the culprit devices in US.

According to Microsoft, Motorola devices including Backflip, Droid 2, Droid X, Devour, and others infringe this patent. On the other hand, Motorola was pretty happy with the decision and stated that they are very pleased that the majority of the rulings were favorable to Motorola Mobility.

Patent in question: 6,370,566 (Filed on April 10, 1998)


The present invention includes a mobile device which provides the user with the ability to schedule a meeting request from the mobile device itself. The mobile device creates an object representative of the meeting request and assigns the object a global identification number which uniquely identifies the object to other devices which encounter the object. In addition, the mobile device in accordance with one aspect of the present invention provides a property in the object which is indicative of whether the meeting request has already been transmitted. In this way, other devices which encounter the meeting request are capable of identifying it as a unique meeting request, and of determining whether the meeting request has already been transmitted, in order to alleviate the problem of duplicate meeting request transmissions.

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