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Is Google going to announce a Nexus tablet in next six months?

Reports are flying in from Italy that Google might be working with a hardware partner to bring a Nexus tablet similar Nexus smartphones. Google Executive chairman Eric Schmidt told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sea that Google plans to market a tablet of highest quality in the next six months.

His exact statement in Italian:

Noi nei prossimi sei mesi contiamo di mettere sul mercato un tablet di altissima qualità.

There were no other details shared about the tablet. It is also not confirmed whether this upcoming tablet would even get the Nexus name or it would just be a tablet from a hardware partner running stock Android with stamp of approval from Google.

Eric Schmidt also did not reveal any details when asked about Majel, the so-called Siri competitor, but stated that Google already has best voice translation technology and it could be used to make something like Siri.

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