Google’s answer to Siri is Majel, a Voice Actions update

Envy Apple iPhone 4S users for having Siri, don’t worry, Google is already said to be working on a major update for Voice Actions (part of Voice Search app).  According to a report in Android & Me, developers are busy bringing a project codenamed Majel to life in Google’s top secret research lab X.

While, there has been no official confirmation so far, it is pretty expected of Google to bring an update to Voice Actions to add functionalities like Siri and even go one step futher. We could expect the Majel release in Jan/Feb 2012, added A&Me.

Voice Actions only works in US English right now, which should change with the Majel update. So, how many of you are actually looking forward to this app update.

An old video to remind you of Voice Actions:

One thought on “Google’s answer to Siri is Majel, a Voice Actions update

  1. I tried using Voice Actions but its very primitive and needs a lot of work and this is therefore good news. I am certainly looking forward to a good update for Voice Actions under Majel Op.

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