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Google Currents, a Flipboard competitor hits Android Market

Google has launched the much rumored competitor to Flipboard today in the form of Currents. Google Currents is a simple way to read your favorite blogs, websites on any Android device (or iOS).  The official app is now available for download in Android Market, but it is US only right now.

If you are from any other country, you can download the APK from here.

With over 150 launch partner s, Google Currents is all ready to feed you content across the categories, company has also introduced a self-service platform, which allows publishes to set up their own currents in their own way for readers to consume.

Once installed, all you have to do is select the publications and you are good to go, Google Currents will download the articles and they will be available for offline consumption as well. You can also add RSS, video and photo feeds, public Google+ streams and Google Reader subscriptions you’re already following to Google Currents.

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