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Fans line-up to grab Galaxy Nexus in US

Image via BGR

After the Verizon stores opened up this morning in the United States, they were greeted by lines of Android fans waiting to grab Galaxy Nexus. This ICS phone went on sale today via Verizon Wireless after weeks of wait. Many Android fans were so desperate that they picked imported GSM units of Galaxy Nexus from various online stores like Negri, Newegg, Expansys etc.

But finally, G Nex is now available across US and if you have already grabbed a unit do share your experience with the phone so far in comments. If you also did a video unboxing, share the link and we would be happy to add them in the post.

Those of you living in other countries, where Samsung hasn’t been kind enough to launch the phone, check out these images of crowds outside Verizon stores and curse Samsung :P.

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