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Facebook for Android more popular than Gmail, Google Search Android apps

You would expect an Android user to use Google properties like Gmail, Google Search more than other applications, but surprisingly that it not true. According to a survey done by Neilson in the United States, Facebook for Android is more popular than Gmail, Search, YouTube or even Maps and this trend is same across all age groups.

Users do use the phone based Market app than Facebook for Android, but that is expected considering that you have to use Android Market even to download the Facebook app. Neilson analyzed the usage data from its proprietary device meters on the smartphones of the thousands of consumers who agreed to be part of this Analytics research over the 30 days of September.

Even if game downloads topped the app categories in the recently released dissection of 10 billion app downloads from Market by Google, the actual usage patterns shows that top ten used apps are dominated by actual apps not games. Games like Angry Birds and Words with Friends were the only ones to grab the last two spots in top ten, and that is only limited to 18-24 age category, in rest of categories, Angry Birds in the only game in top ten.


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