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DROID Bionic getting software update; change-log, manual install instructions available

Verizon is rolling out a major software update for DROID Bionic users, this brings several bug-fixes, performance improvements and app updates. As it is rolling-out OTA, you will soon get a notification on your smartphone to update the device.  If you cannot wait for the OTA roll-out, use the instruction given below to install it manually now.

Implications: It might break the root access on your DROID Bionic.

Update 5.9.901 Change-log:

Application Updates/Improvements

  • Preload VCast Apps Store
  • Preload Sling stub application
  • Preload MOG stub application
  • VZNavigator preload updated to version
  • Youtube videos restart after pausing to access Notification Panel
  • Youtube screen flashes when Back key pressed during video play
  • Voice call muted while composing a Visual Voiceamail message
  • Visual Voicemail saves messages to internal memory with UI displaying SD card target
  • Visual Voicemail delete actions sends delete and save commands to the server

Data Connectivity

  • Stuck in 3G mode in strong 4G coverage
  • No 4G data connectivity
  • No LTE service in LTE only service areas (Hagerstown, MD)
  • Patch for Alcatel-Lucent LTE infrastructure R9 support
  • Dual IMSI support
  • Excessive LTE handover attempts (SIB8 messaging processing)
  • Improvements in Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot LTE download performance

Device Operation

  • OTA update needs to utilize Admin APN
  • Support for National Plus Code Dialing
  • Cannot play WAV files
  • Support for Bluetooth Personal Area Networks (PAN)
  • Missing SMS alerts while on voice calls
  • Choppy audio while streaming via to a TV via HDMI
  • No Bluetooth audio when paired and connected

Stability/Performance Improvements

  • Black screen lockups
  • Reduced idle resets
  • Voice call drops when SMS message is received
  • Lockups when XT875 is in the multimedia dock
  • Resets after camera multi-shots are taken
  • Internal memory file creation dates shown as December 31, 1969
  • Clock widget time does not match Notification Panel time

How to install DRIOD Bionic 5.9.901 Update:

  1. Download the update file.
  2. Copy the update file to the root of your SD Card
  3. Reboot into recovery (adb reboot recovery). If you don’t have ADB on your PC, download this and run first (make sure to enable USB debugging in phone settings)
  4. When the robot appears, press both volume keys at the same time.
  5. Select “Apply update from SDCARD” using the volume keys
  6. Choose the update file
  7. Wait for update process to finish and you are done.

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