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Dell Streak gets official Gingerbread ROM

If any of you are still using your Dell Streak, time to update your huge phone to Gingerbread or should I call it a small tablet. Once a lone device in its category, it has been joined by many others in the recent times.

This official Android 2.3.3 ROM was released in South Korea and is said to be working on any Dell Streak. It comes with English and Korean language options, so that should not be a problem in English speaking world.

You can download it from Dell’s website and flash using the stock region 14 recovery. There is no word whether company will make an effort for OTA roll-out for other regions.

Flashing procedure needs you to first flash the region 14 recovery and then flash the update file. So it is very necessary that you backup all your data and do not proceed if you don’t know what you are doing.

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