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Asus plans to sell 3-6 million tablets next year

Asus is looking to sell more than double of its 2011 tablet sales target next year. Company CEO Jonney Shih recently stated that his company will ship around 3-6 million tablets next year.

Company is banking a lot on its recently launched quad-core Honeycomb tablet Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime and also plans to invest in Windows 8 devices. According to Shih, he is optimistic about the market prospects of tablets as they are meant to be data consumption devices, while laptops are data creation devices.

Some recent reports coming from online retailers have suggested that Prime has become the most pre-ordered Android tablet so far despite some concerns about the Wi-Fi connectivity. Company even had to call-back around 300 such devices in Taiwan following these issues and it is still running an exchange program via its Taiwan website for the customer facing the same problem.


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