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Asians are crazy for apps [Infographic]

Official graphic from Android team to showcase how, where, and when 10 billion apps were downloaded.

Google has released an info-graphic showing the whole Android app revolution till now (with bonus interesting facts) from Android Market’s perspective. This shows which countries have downloaded the most number of apps, or which apps or games categories were most loved by users and how were people actually using those apps.

Interesting facts:

  • Asians are app crazy, 4 out of top 5 countries that downloaded the most apps were Asian. (downloads par capita)
  • Which app was lucky number 10 billion? Photobucket Mobile.
  • 100 Million Words are translated using Google Translate for Android each week
  • Games is the most downloaded category of apps followed by entertainment
  • And lastly, people love to download apps after 9pm on a Sunday

Source: Android Team’s Official Twitter Account

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