Amazon Kindle Fire will make its way to Australia in New Year

It isn’t just UK, which is preparing for the onslaught of Amazon’s Kindle Fire next year, Australia will also be lucky to get this tablet. According to Smarthouse, a source close to matter has informed them that Kindle Fire will be launched down under next month for around A$250.

This isn’t all, certain other unidentified European countries will also be getting the Amazon love in the next round of launches that are set to begin in 2012. Amazon seems to be keeping the tablet in United States only right now because if launched in other countries company will not be able to fulfill the holiday demand at home. In the New Year, the demand in US is expected to lighten giving Amazon chance to ship it to other countries.

It would be interesting to see what Amazon does to the US only features like Instant Video at the time of launch in other countries. Even the App Store on the tablet is also US only right now.

One thought on “Amazon Kindle Fire will make its way to Australia in New Year

  1. Woowho! That is good news. But that doesn’t exactly help those of us who want one for Christmas. I do know many Aussies are just buying the Kindle Fire from Amazon and using a package forwarding site called to ship it to in the US and then have them forward it to Australia. Looks like that is the best option for those of us who don’t want to wait until 2012…

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