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Amazon Kindle Fire, B&N Nook Tablet getting software updates

Amazon and Barnes & Noble are pushing OTA software updates for their Android tablets. While there is no official change-log till now for Amazon’s Kindle Fire, B&N has given a one liner “minor system enhancements” in the form of change-log.

Amazon Kindle Fire Software Update 6.2.1 Details:

Prior reports suggest that this update includes performance improvement, ability to edit items from carousel.

Implications: Update is said to be breaking root access on the tablet and after the update install, superonelick is not able to root the device. So, if you want to keep root access, better stay away from it.

How to stop automatic install of software update:

  • Download Titanium Backup and go to apps, select OTASilentInstall.apk and then freeze it.
  • Also, you can stop using WiFi until someone figure out a way to root Kindle Fire again.

B&N Nook Tablet 1.4.1 Update Details:

  • The NOOK Tablet Ver1.4.1 update provides minor system enhancements.

Implications: This update is said to be blocking the app side-loading on Nook Tablet. So if would like to have applications from places other than Nook App Store, don’t install the update. It is also breaking root access on the tablet.

More B&N Update here.

via XDA

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