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Unlocked Galaxy Nexus coming to UK stores tomorrow with volume bug-fix

UK’s leading online retailers will start shipping unlocked and sim-free Galaxy Nexus smartphones from tomorrow. E-Commerce sites like Expansys, Handtec, Amazon and Play are reportedly getting the sim-free stocks on November 30. The carrier-locked version is already on sale in the country.

According to a notification on Galaxy Nexus listing at Expansys as well as their official Twitter account, the unlocked Galaxy Nexus will come with a fix and update included. This firmware update contains the fix for the bug with volume control that affected some original stock.

Original Statement from Expansys:

The Galaxy Nexus is due in stock tomorrow (30th November). The new stock has had a Google approved firmware update applied to it by Samsung’s distributors in order to fix the bug with volume control that affected some original stock. This newly ‘flashed’ stock is available to order now whilst stocks last!

To remind you, Unlocked Galaxy Nexus is being sold for £519.99 in UK (some stores have slightly different pricing). It features 1.2GHz dual core processor, 4.65 inch Super AMOLED HD display, 16GB internal memory, 5MP camera with front shooter and Android 4.0.

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