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Samsung Illusion spotted on its way to Verizon

A stripped down version of Nexus S was spotted on Verizon Infocenter in the form of Samsung Illusion without any official release date in sight. Illusion features a 1GHz Hummingbird processor- the same one as Nexus S, a 3.5 inch display, curved design, 3MP camera, 512MB RAM, and 2GB internal memory.

As we would have noticed that Samsung Illusion is almost same as Nexus S apart from few hardware changes,, like a smaller display and camera and lower internal memory but with a microSD card slot. Verizon might not have released Nexus S, but with Samsung Illusion telco will be launching its own version of that.

You won’t get any Vanilla Android love, but Gingerbread with Samsung’s Touchwiz UI. It should be priced quite affordable, but we would have to wait for that until official announcement.


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