Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to get CM9 ICS ROM

Samsung’s ten inch Honeycomb tablet might become the first tablet to get its hands on the Ice Cream Sandwich, although unofficially. Popular aftermarket firmware developer Cyanogen recently stated on his Google+ page that ICS is looking great on Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it is coming very soon in CM9 flavors.

You can read his exact statement below:

ICS on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is pretty great. Coming soon to a CM mirror near you 🙂

It is certainly good news for all Galaxy Tab 10.1 users out there. CyanogenMod 9 will surely be an interesting version because of the several improvements in Android 4.0 coupled with CM tweaks.

Those of you don’t know CM9. It is an Android 4.0 based third party firmware, which is maintained by a group of developers and they have already started working to port it to several of the supported devices.


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