PayPal payment support finally coming to Android Market?

We have seen a lot of rumors and leaks in the past that suggested that Google and PayPal will tie up to bring PayPal payment support in Android Market as an alternate to carrier billing and Google Checkout.

But these rumors died down after a while; but something new have come up again after a long time thanks to some lines of code in latest Market v3.3.11 apk.

You can easily see the references to PayPal in APK code, which means Google might have already started integrating Paypal at the code level, and the real integration announcement might not be very far.

PayPal integration will surely give users another great option to pay for apps without creating too many payment accounts. Many of users already have PayPal accounts from years and to make app purchases they had to create Google Checkout accounts, but that won’t be needed anymore.

How many of you are excited to see PayPal as the payment option in the Android Market?




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