nVIDIA officially unveils Tegra 3, boasts its PC class performance

nVIDIA has official introduced its quad core processor Tegra 3 today along with the first Android tablet running on it – Transformer Prime. Codenamed Kal-El, nVIDIA says Tegra 3 will give PC-class performance, better battery life and improved blah-blah; we are yet to see the performance live in a device, so we won’t be going in to all the superlatives right away.

You can find some of the features of the chip from the press release below:

  • Better web experience – with accelerated Adobe Flash Player 11, HTML5 and WebGL browsing, and an optimized Javascript engine
  • Better applications – with blazing performance for multimedia apps, such as photo and video editing
  • Better multitasking – for switching between common uses, such as playing music and games, and background tasks
  • Better, highest-quality gaming – including new Tegra 3 processor-optimized NVIDIA Tegra Zone(TM) app games such as Shadowgun, Riptide GP, Sprinkle, Big Top THD, Bladeslinger, DaVinci THD and Chidori.

Transformer Prime is going to be the first test of Tegra 3’s actual power and all the fastest things mentioned above in the pointers, but as the tablet is not going to land in the market until December, we will have to wait some time.

Company has also announcement that 40 games compatible with Tegra 3 are expected to be available by the end of 2011, and over 15 Tegra 3 games are under development for Tegra Zone.

Here is a quick comparison of Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 by nVIDIA itself (click on the image to enlarge).

2 thoughts on “nVIDIA officially unveils Tegra 3, boasts its PC class performance

  1. Firstly, its Transformer “Prime” not “Price”
    And secondly i believe its
    “Nvidia” or “NVIDIA” but not “nVIDIA”(This is not being used for many days)

  2. In the image, the Primary Camera specs are 32 Mega Pixel for Tegra 3. Does it mean it can support a camera with that capability?

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