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Nook Tablet gets ready for custom ROMs despite signed bootloader

Many of us were disappointed after the news of Nook Tablet having a signed bootloader, making flashing of customer ROMS a daunting task. But thanks to a dev laglud over at XDA, we finally have the ray of hope.

He was able to compile and run KEXEC on the Nook tablet thus making it possible for custom ROMS to boot on the device via the 2nd init workaround, also used in several Motorola smartphones with same issues. We won’t go in the technical details; bottom line is we will finally be seeing customs ROMS and Kernels working on the Nook Tablet.

Check our more at this XDA thread:

So i have finally done it. After long hours of solving problems and such, i have gotten kexec to compile on the ARMv7 arch. We can now flash custom kernals and ROMS due to the 2nd-init. Now it is time for the designers to take up and start building CM7.

Thanks Salvadesswaran

One thought on “Nook Tablet gets ready for custom ROMs despite signed bootloader

  1. Swweeeeeeettttt!!!! Been waiting for this news ever since hearing the bootloader was locked… never had any worries that it woulld be worked out by the awesome devs tackling the device, but figured it would take longer than this 🙂

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