LG Optimus 2x might actually receive Ice Cream Sandwich update

After the huge uproar over LG India statement that Optimus 2X will not be getting Android 4.0 update, LG has backed off and decided to provide the update.

Although it has not given any update release dates, but it said that it is currently in state of planning the ICS updates for Optimus 2X and other high-end phones (Optimus 3D and probably Optimus Black). This is certainly good news for all the Optimus 2X users out there, who felt cheated after the statement of denial of the ICS update.

This is the second such fiasco from LG; earlier LG has done the same with Optimus One for Gingerbread update and then retracted to provide the update. Either there is a serious lack of coordination between different departments of LG, or LG had not planned to give the update but after the uproar changed its mind.

You can read the full statement below:LG Statement ICS


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