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We finally have a decent official Android application for the blog that is worth mentioning. Not being a coder has its own pain and you often have to rely on third party services to write code for you or develop applications.

Thanks to the free Android app development service provided by folks at JoeMobi for the blogs powered by WordPress, I am presenting our second attempt at an Android app.

Due to some technical issues, we were not able to update our existing app in the Android Market and have replaced that app with this brand new application. So, if you are running the old app, please un-install that app and install the new one. However if you like the old app more, you can always keep it as it will continue to work as usual.

The current app gives you access to all the latest posts from the blog, search access to full blog archives and much more.

First Run:

You will be asked to install the Joemobi notification client on the first run to get you push notifications for the latest posts from the blog.


  1. All the Latest content from the blog
  2. Push Notifications for the all the recent updates from the blog
  3. Search News from Archives
  4. Pull to Refresh
  5. Included support for Android’s native Social Sharing feature

Requirement: Android 2.2 and above. Folks with Android 2.1 devices, I am sorry our app does not support Éclair.

Download from here

Feedback is appreciated and we will try and update the app and include new features very soon. The next version is likely to limit the sections visible (right now it shows all the categories, which is a lot).



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