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Asus delays Transformer Prime to pre-load Ice Cream Sandwich?

It seems Asus has decided to delay the launch of its quad core Android tablet Eee Pad Transformer Prime to early December. The launch was supposed to happen tomorrow, but after Google agreed to help Asus to pre-load Ice Cream Sandwich on the tablet, Asus postponed the release.

So, Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime when released will come with Android 4.0 not Android 3.2, as earlier was anticipated. The news is coming from upstream supply chain sources, and is certainly a good one. Rather than launching another Honeycomb tablet and then making wait consumers for the update, an Ice Cream Sandwich tablet is certainly a better idea.

I hope this delay is not long and the tablet indeed comes in early-December. Transformer Prime was first shown by company CEO Johnney Shih at AsiaD conference, and features nVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad core processor inside along with 10.1 IPS inch display, front and rear cameras and the keyboard dock.

The original Transformer was a decent tablet, which turned out to be a hit among buyers and Asus is looking to recreate the same magic with its successor.


4 thoughts on “Asus delays Transformer Prime to pre-load Ice Cream Sandwich?

  1. I prefer it launching now. Theyve hyped the crap out of the Prime and they delay its release.. lols im leaving Singapore on the 26th and if it aint here by then.. Im going for the iPad2

  2. A big mistake! These gaps between Android 4 (ice cream sandwich) anouncement and uncertain product release dates is gonna kill Android momentum. Don’t say anything unless you have it ready to drop in a week or two otherwise shut up! Lame. No wonder Apple is 2 steps ahead. They know consumers have short attention spans…so if you don’t deliver then its just another Apple win…and I’m no Apple fanboy. Just a disappointed Android fan watching mis-step after mis-step. I’m sure MS, Nokia, RIMM are loving this. I thought at least ASUS had it’s act together. We all know TF Prime will Rock! Just get it in the consumers hands then announce the deployment of the OS on the December date and stick to it. They will forgive you…but if since you are pushing out potential buyers might go ipad3…. or Kindle Fire…or whatever catches their eye.

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