Control your Android phone from PC over the air [How To]

airdroid android appBusy spending time on your PC rather than looking at your phone, then you should install Airdroid to control your Android smartphone directly from PC.  There are several other apps available for the same task but the number of features and the interface of Airdroid make it worth installing.

You will be able to transfer files, install apps, un-install apps, read/write SMS, manage contacts and a lot directly from your web browser. Airdroid controls your phone via WiFi, you can even use the ad-hoc WiFi network.

How to use Airdroid

  • Install Airdroid using the apk given below or directly from Android Market.
  • Connect your phone and your PC to the same WiFi network (you can also create an WiFi network via Connectify or Intel My WiFi using your laptop’s WiFi hardware).
  • Open Airdroid app on your phone.
  • Enter the IP address given on Airdroid on Chrome/Firefox on your PC and then enter PIN when asked.
  • You are ready to control your phone via PC.

App Walk-through:

App Description from Android Market:

AirDroid is a fast, free app that lets you wirelessly manage & control your Android device from a web browser over-the-air.

Enjoy below features after installation from the comfort of your favorite web browser on desktop or other devices:

  • Files: Transfer files between Android devices and computers. Cut, copy, paste, search, rename or delete files on the SD card.
  • SMS: Read, send, forward or delete SMS messages.
  • Applications: Install, uninstall, backup, search apps and do batch processing.
  • Photos: Preview, delete, import, export, set as wallpaper and photos slide show from desktop.
  • Contacts: Group, search, create contacts, check and delete call logs.
  • Ringtones: Search, preview, import, export, delete and customize ringtones for phone calls, notifications and alarms.
  • Music: Play, search, import, export, delete, or set as phone call, notification and alarm ringtones.

AirDroid also comes with the following inbuilt features:

  • Device Status: Real-time ROM, SD Card, Battery, CPU and RAM status report & monitor with charts to demonstrate available/used/total resources, and one-tap memory boost.
  • Tasks Manager: Kill or uninstall running apps, batch operation supported.

Download AirDroid Android App from Android Market | Direct APK link

Airdroid Gallery


  1. AIRDROID FUCKING SUCKS! You can only send/receive files and make text (SMS ONLY!!!!) messages! Did you know that some phones are set to automatically change over to MMS when the message gets so big? which means Airdroid is completely FUCKING worthless.


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