Microsoft now takes patent licensing fees on 50pc of Android devices

ODM Compal is the latest entry in Microsoft’s Android Licensing Program

With Compal as its latest victim, Microsoft has proudly

With a big patent inventory in hand, Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned to get as much money out of Android manufacturers as possible. Some estimates suggest that Android generates more revenue for Microsoft than Windows Phone and with more companies getting in patent agreements with Microsoft, it does not seem that Windows Phone with cross Android earnings anytime soon.

Microsoft is already in legal battle with Android manufacturers and ODMs, who have refused to be part of its Licensing program.  Some of the big names are Motorola, Foxconn, and Barnes & Noble.

With increasing protests from Google, Microsoft also pointed out that it is not only taking money from other manufacturers, but has also spent money to get patents agreements with other companies.

“Over the past decade we’ve spent roughly $4.5 billion to license in patents from other companies,” Microsoft said.

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