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Logitech Revue with Android 3.1, Market already on sale? (Update – false alarm?)

Surprise, even before we could hear about the official Honeycomb update for Google TV from Google itself, Logitech Revue boxes with updated software have already starting hitting the stores. One of these boxes was spotted by an Engadget reader today at a major electronic retailer in US.

As you can see in the image above, it clearly states that Revue now comes with Android 3.1 and Android Market support. No time for celebrations just yet, as Google is expected to announce the update on November 8 and we don’t hope to see the update before that, but with the updated Revue already on sale, we would expect the roll-out to start the same day or a system dump would soon be landing in one of forums pretty soon for self-help.

The price of Revue is still $99 and if you were holding out on the Honeycomb update – it is time to jump on and grab one of these new shiny boxes with updated Revue inside.

Update: According to a support guy at official Logitech forums, these are just stickers and there is no updated revue inside. These boxes were supposed to sell after the update announcement, so that users can directly update their device after buying it, but one store seems to have jumped the gun and gave us false hope. Boooooooo….

“Hello rson,

 These boxes are just the regular boxes you have now and DO NOT have the 3.1 android update on them. These boxes are not suppose to be released onto store floors until the update is officially released for everyone.

If a store is selling these boxes (it is just an added sticker on the box. Nothing else is different) they have released these boxes prematurally.


Logitech Support Specialist”

2 thoughts on “Logitech Revue with Android 3.1, Market already on sale? (Update – false alarm?)

  1. Nice to see one other materialization of this update.
    I’m wondering why the revue on the package seems to be packaged into paper. My box doesn’t look like that…

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