“Global shipments of low-cost Androids to reach 339 million in 2015”

Huawei Ideos was one of the first decent FroYo devices to launch under $150

The global shipments of low-cost and budget Android devices is expected to go over the roof in the next four years, stated “Less is More: The Worldwide Emergence of Low-Cost Android Smartphones” report by In-Stat. This report suggests that sub-$150 Android phones will reach around 339 million in the year 2015.

Report further claimed that consumers with such low budget have only one option in the form of Android, Symbian has gone out of the scene and iOS and Windows Phone devices are too expensive for them.

One interesting fact to come out of this report is its prediction about the low-cost devices in the next couple of years, which sounds reasonable. It states that we are going to see more Gingerbread and FroYo device than Ice Cream Sandwich in this budget segment, as the former requires lesser processing power and memory and come with decent set of features. It predicts that processors in sub-$150 device will stick to 600MHz or less.

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