BrailleType helps visually impaired to type in Braille on Android phones

Traditionally the normal mode of text input for visually impaired has always been based on voice to text feature or talkback input, but thanks to a budding Indian developers visually impaired will be soon be able to type Braille on the Android devices that supposed  more than two point multitouch input.

Ankit Daftery is working on proposed keyboard for the visually challenged called BrailleType, that gives a blank text input canvas and visually impaired will be able to type normal Braille characters in that canvas, type characters would then be converted to normal alphabets and read out for confirmation in real-time.

This is certainly a novel idea to use the multi-touch display to act as the Braille typewriter for visually impaired. Android devices by default come with built-in support for TalkBack Keyboard, but that is not as easy and fast as of Ankit’s Brailletype. It can be used with any Android app similar to the alternate keyboard available in the Android Market.

The app is currently in private beta and will be released for mass consumption in the future. You can see a demo of the app thanks to OnlyGizmos.


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