Final Google TV add-on now available for Android SDK

Google has released the final Google TV add-on for Android SDK today. This add-on will help the developers in porting their apps for Google TV support.

Today’s release comes almost two months after the preview release, which has already led to several Google TV supported apps in the Market and with the final version out, we can expect the numbers of app to increase further.

This release is also significant because it is an indication that Google TV 2.0 update is not very far and should be released in couple of weeks, may be with the ICS announcement itself.

Updates from preview release in this add-on:

The Action Bar now renders horizontally, in line with other Android devices. Google has published code for a left-side navigation bar since that may work better for navigating with D-Pad when you have vertically scrolling lists.

There are additional keys on the screen for quick access, e.g., picture-in-picture, fast forward, channel up/down, etc. Please note that these keys will only work with the next Android SDK Tools, revision 14.

Grab the add-on from here

One comment

  1. No chance for google tv in India???

    Also, ONIDA Itube states tat it s based on Android ,..

    Hw diff s t from Google tv??
    App support???
    Mobile app are compatible wit t or does t mean f t s based on android?


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